5 Healthy Ways To Use with Lemon Juice

When life gives you lemons …. do these simple tricks to make life not so sour.

Add It To Your Water and Tea

Lemon Juice is a citrus fruit that has alkalizing benefits when added to your water. It also helps burn calories for those that are looking to help keep the weight off. Mixes great with other fruits for a great detox water with lime, mint, basil, kiwi, raspberries, and more. Yum!

Use It As A Hand Sanitizer

I got this trick from my grandmother. When out at a restaurant and there was no hand sanitizer in sight, the alternative to getting up to wash your hands was to squeeze lemon juice (that they provided with the free water) into your hands. Lemons have anti-bacterial properties and can be usedΒ in place of sanitizer. Just squeeze a bit of lemon juice and maybe a splash of water and wipe with a napkin as normal. Smells pleasant and citrusy too πŸ™‚

Use it As a Dark Spot Treatment

Lemon is a natural bleaching agent. Dilute with water and dap a cotton pad on the dark spots. Do this consistently for 2 weeks to see results. Moisturize with aloe vera gel or natural vitamin C creme to maximize results.

Treat Your Scalp Dandruff

Exfoliate and clarify your scalp with lemon juice to cleanse the follicles and break away stubborn dandruff. Massage it onto your scalp and rinse. Be sure to add moisture back to your hair and scalp to prevent overproduction of oils.

Polish Your Utensils

Citrusy lemon can be used to polish your silverware and utensils. Place lemon juice and dilute some with water into a spray bottle. This is a great and eco-friendly cleaner to keep your house safe from toxic harsh chemicals like bleach and ammonia.

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