Benefits of Moringa The Miracle Plant and How to Use It

Moringa, Moringa, Moringa. Oh How I love thee!

Moringa is called the “Miracle Plant” because of its nutritional value:

  • great source of essential amino acids (for protein-building)
  • Vitamin A , Vitamin B (ribofalvin, thiamine, ziacin) , Vitamin C (absorbic acid)
  • Calcium , Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Phosphorous, Iron, Potassium

Here are the benefits (and it’s a lot) :

  • Moringa helps maintain healthy blood pressure levels
  • Moringa aids in preventing the growth of fungi
  • Moringa conditions the hair and scalp and helps it to grow stronger
  • Moringa helps treat herpes simplex virus preventing the formation of skin blisters
  • Moringa is powerful antioxidant protecting from free radicals
  • Moringa is great for the skin withย anti-aging properties
  • Moringa revitalizes and protects the liver
  • Moringa aids Diabetes by reducing blood glucose levels

How to Use It:

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or from your local natural foods or herb store.

You can use it in many ways:

  • Take moringa supplement capsules
  • Put the moringa powder in your smoothie
  • Brew moringa as a tea
  • Use moringa powder in combination with a skin clay mask
  • Place moringa powder in your deep conditioner for hair benefits


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