Carnelian Yoni Egg: Healing Effects

So, last week was my first time purchasing a yoni egg, which I have known of for quite some years but am just now getting my hands on one. After focusing on healing my lower Root and Sacral chakras, I knew the carnelian was one I wanted to start with. I actually would of gotten rose quartz yoni egg, but those were sold out so it was as if the dark orangy-red carnelian in the front and center of the glass shelf was just for me.

My first night, I placed it in and felt INSTANT effects. I was on all fours and began to freestyle in motion with my hips in sensual ways. I slept with her that night after doing Yoni yoga techniques, I felt an increase in sex drive and heightened sensations the very next day.
I began to bond with my yoni egg and really feel the difference and was patient with the healing I knew it would bring. I continued consistently weeks and these are the healing effects you can achieve during this practice:

β€’ Increase in sex libido
β€’ Energy block release from guilt or past trauma
β€’ Balance of root and sacral chakra
β€’ Increase in self-confidence

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